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Are you facing a federal investigation?

On Behalf of | Jul 24, 2023 | Criminal Defense

Many white collar crimes, including certain embezzlement situations as well as fraud cases, may fall under federal jurisdiction. In those cases, you find yourself under federal investigation. You might wonder if there are ways to determine if you are a target of a federal investigation.

There are some common signs to watch for if you suspect that you are under investigation.

Unusual communication activity

If you notice unusual sounds, such as clicking, echoes or buzzing, on your phone calls, that may indicate that authorities tapped your line. You may also notice more frequent dropped calls and disruptions in your text communications.

Financial disruptions

As the target of a federal investigation, you may have financial accounts frozen by the government. In cases with a financial component, the government often freezes accounts to prevent you from moving money or fleeing the country with your assets. Discovering frozen accounts may indicate that you are the focus of a federal investigation.

Formal notice

In many instances, federal investigators send letters to individuals targeted in an investigation. The letter typically details the nature of the investigation, the severity of the anticipated charges and other relevant legal considerations. Receiving a letter of this nature confirms your status as a target.

The sooner you determine the existence of an active investigation, the sooner you can seek legal guidance and protect your interests. These are common signs of a federal investigation, but not the only ones. When you feel that something is off, be proactive about protecting your legal rights.