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What are the fatal four on a construction site?

On Behalf of | Mar 6, 2023 | Personal Injury

Construction is a risky profession, and site accidents may prove critical for anyone who suffers from them. Some injuries, however, carry a more inherent risk than others, and for the construction industry, these fatal four have the highest rate of catastrophic results.

Learn more about the four injury types that lead to the most injuries and deaths on a construction site.


With the heights workers need to work at, falls remain a top cause of worker injury and death in and around construction sites. Workers who traverse scaffolding and roofs should always wear safety harnesses. Ladder placement is crucial to ensuring that it remains firm for scaling. A hard hat can help prevent head injuries from falls.

Caught in-between

Trenches are a hazard and common necessity on construction sites. Trenches may collapse if workers do not use the proper material for reinforcing them. A worker inside may become trapped as the dirt collapses.


Machinery is constantly moving on construction sites. Workers may find themselves struck by crane hooks and machinery as drivers move them from one place to another. Getting hit by a large machine is one of the most preventable sources of injury on a construction site.


Electricity hazards frequently present themselves on construction sites. If exposed to the elements, especially water, power tools left out may become electrocution hazards. Unmarked live wires running electricity into a building can lurk and cause catastrophic damage to an unsuspecting worker.

Remaining safe on a construction site is every worker’s responsibility. Diligence and vigilance when it comes to surroundings and safety equipment may aid in workers coming home injury free at night.