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Attorney Ramon E. Gonzalez

I Am Ready To Be Your No. 1 Advocate

When you have suffered injuries, been arrested or encountered difficulties in achieving your immigration goals, life can seem overwhelming. The good news is that many people have overcome such challenges with my help. I am a Dallas trial lawyer who is ready to apply my knowledge, talents and skills to meet your legal challenges.

Get to know me and I believe you will understand why I am confident and eager to evaluate your case. Follow this link for biographical information about me:

Get an overview of my law practice by glancing at the different practice areas highlighted on my website. Let me hear from you if you would like to discuss the legal concerns that you are facing now.

How I Stand Out Among Dallas Area Attorneys

If you ask my past clients or my legal peers what I am known for, they are likely to tell you that I am always ready to go to trial. Many cases do settle out of court, but the secret to success in pretrial negotiations is a strong trial record such as mine. I often take on difficult cases that other lawyers have failed to resolve. My clients’ cases include:

I prepare every case as if for trial and argue my clients’ cases before judges whenever that is necessary. Observers comment on the fact that I often know how a case will turn out more accurately than juries do at first. Most importantly, I always position my clients’ cases for success on their terms, in or out of court.

My Goal Is To Win My Clients’ Cases

I am a zealous, effective advocate as well as a clear communicator. I work hard to achieve cost-effective favorable outcomes for my clients. I pledge absolute honesty in your case. I will methodically provide the knowledge that will help you make the right choices in your own best interests.

Request a consultation with me via videoconference, in my Dallas law office or at your location if necessary. Call 972-992-1215 or send an email message.